Quotes added on Friday, March 28 2008

Don't look back get a new direction, I realize nothing's broken... Except for my          H E A R T

  BeSt FrIeNdS
are the one you will alwyas be there for you no matter what <3
And I thought...
~~~MY world would be broken withought you in it~~~

Tell me how im suppose to breath with no air.....X3
<33 your all that i want.....

And  I need :]]

You are the dreamer and I am the dream.
&&After all the snow melts where does all the white go??
Isn't it sad that all the poeple care about in the world is themselves??... think about it....what if the president only thought about himsevl?? or didnt take care of us?? we need to start loving..caring for ecother because well never make it out of the world alive if we dont....
Just like I.Pods....hearts are being played all over the world tonight....
Live<3Laugh <3 Love<3
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