Quotes added on Sunday, March 30 2008

when you look me in the eyes
& tell me that you love me
everythings alright
when your right here by my side
cause when you look me in the
i catch a glimps of hevan
i find my pardise
when you look me in the

- bff submitd it ily Jo Bros "when You Look me in The eyes
Eating Food
[ the best thing in the world ....hahah]

my knight in shining armor, turned out to be loser in aluminum foil.
the other day you told me that you loved me...
                                                                            <---...and i said

                                     "omg! i love me too!"
are better then yours and you just dont want to fees up to it...do you!

when we are together you'll never no what will happen
7 letters.1 word. So much meening
it has it's ups and downs but you know everything will turn out right.
never ever judge a book by its cover

no..It doesnt always turn out the way we planned but everything always seems to turn out right.
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