Quotes added on Monday, March 31 2008

Life Never Deserves All It's Threats.

Ban fear.. sing in public.
Ban broken hearts.. tell him how you feel.
Ban peer pressure.. say no to drugs.
Ban labels.. be your self.
Ban your complex.. accept who you are.

And we're the girls who will burst out laughing
in dead silence.. because of something that
happened the day before.

You dream it, we rock it. You talk it, we LIVE it.
You love us the way
we are
just admit it.

Mirrors dont talk
and your lucky they dont
laugh either

I don't want him to be the [perfect] man...
I want him to laugh at me when i trip...
Throw stuffed animals at me when im acting stupid...
Bet me kisses he can beat me at video games, then
let me win...
Love me for the person I am.

i called your boyfriend gayyyy... then he whacked me with his purse

& as she stares at the mirror ;; she thinks "who needs him anyway?!" ;;;
"i do." she says as a tear comes running down her cheeck.

i know you're thinking...




...but the truth is, i just so totally did.

because to you
[it's just a game]
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