Quotes added on Saturday, April 5 2008

&&+ ii CaN'tt sEem tO sAy tHaT wHeN ii gO tO sLeeP aT niiGhT,
you're not all ii think about <3

this is wat i have been D R E A M I N G for!
i guess this is what a BrOkEn heart feels like...
searching for the right
 but it keeps avoiding me
 cause it seems that wrong
 really loves my company.

it hurts soo bad to hold on...
but for some odd reason
you just can't let go <3

it's so beautiful when that boy smiles
Just Live a littleā™„
so stop planning your life and let it plan
itself; quit trying to find the perfect boy,
and let him find you. things are only as
complicating as you make them.

m o r e ll t h a n ll a m a z i n g.
tell me that you love me <3 <3 <3

             I've been dying to know

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