Quotes added on Thursday, April 10 2008

a goog friend will help you up when you trip and fall
a bestfriend will be ponithing and laughing because shes the one who tripped you.

varsity softball - 08
 the last time i freaked out
 i just kept lookin down
 i st --st-- stuterin
 ask me wat im thinkin bout
 felt like i couldnt breath
 you asked wats wrong wit me
 my best friend insertt name here((leslie)) said
 ohh shes just bein  insert name here ((miley))
 the next time
 we hang out i will redem
 my self i cnt wait to see youh
 -miley cyrus
  see you again
texxtt orr call
pcee outt sexxiiss

             *Summer oh eight*
--->((almost here))<----

Im having a outting..
with the COUCH & my BUTT!

[call/textt it.] «--- ♥<3<3<3
get high.. on sugar!!!
were not perfect
we laugh too hard
we are way too loud
and we make complete fools  of ourselves
but diong it together
makes us
best friends

only fools leave away messages....
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