Quotes added on Sunday, April 13 2008

<3 he ran, she followed <3
But the struggles make you stronger,
and the
changes make you wise. And
happiness has its own way
of taking its
sweet time.
Life isnt always beautiful
but its a
beautiful ride.

ïI'm not here for your --->

You don't really want

to mess with me tonight.
At the end of the day
all you can do is..be

there for each other
               - The OC

be back whenever..
leave some or call/txt.
[[ur number here]]
you know you are inlove when you see the world in his eyes.
random?little bit.
amazing?hell yes.
it's like one step forward and two steps back
i can't change your mind
i know it's like trying to turn 
around on a one way street
i can't give you what you want
and it's killing me, i'm starting to see
maybe we're not meant to be

Im not here
     Im not there
         Im nowhere
              Im lost
                cannot be found
                       I miss you dearest

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