Quotes added on Monday, April 14 2008

bbDo You Know What it feels like 2 love Some1,
whos in a rush to throw you away? do you know,do you know,do you know?
 Sittin' Waitin' Wishin'.... you believed in superstition,
 o Hoping that you'd see the signs x
Stuck in the moment,Dead at the scene &&
                     88Its on tonight.
Dressed up,just like a      bmoviestar
          && at all the parties they know who you are. 

Can't you see that its just rainin'------>
                 there aint no need to go outside,We'll make
              Bannana pancakes,
 && Pretend Like its the weekend now.

                                                     i'd F*CK me
&& its better to shine than reflect
                                && an original is always worth more than a copy
Go Girl;;Seek happy nights,To happy days. <33
Make up running down her face..
hand in hand with her bestfriend ------->
He broke her promise.x3
&& Realizing, the world keeps changing
      And forming into things most just dont want to be apart of.
Is not the hard part humans take on. Peopleare smart
          The challenge is understanding a way to rebel.
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