Quotes added on Wednesday, April 16 2008

Alyssa:by chiken legs
Miranda:at least ii dont flirt with al the 8th graders even tho u have a bf
Miranda:u call aly fat agan ur gona have to face me

Aly I am telling you "through thick and thin, through thick and thin baby!"
Im going away.
im going far away.
im going to CALIFORNIA BABAY!!!!!!
be jealoussx33
so many moments
so many tears
so many times all through the years
we laugh
we cry
we put away our fears
and always will you be the one for me here.

{{ i love my bffls! }}
&& now that i look back
i realize my mistake

me without you
is like
piglet without poo<3
me without you
is like
school without gossip
nerds without calculators
american eagle without the eagle
abercrombie and fitch without the
                                                                       on the bag
That ain't no Etch A Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, Homeskillet.
~Rollo [JUNO]

Juno: Wow, your pants are looking especially gold today.

Paulie: My mom uses color-safe bleach.

Juno: Go Carol.

Paulie: I'll tell her.

--juno =]

Talking ‘bout girl I LOVE YOU, youre the one

This just looks like the re-run….

What else is on?

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