Quotes added on Friday, April 18 2008

We dont play with Barbie Dolls***We just play with Bats and Balls
We dont drink no Lemonade***We just drink our Powerade
We dont wear no Mini Skirts***We just wear our Dirty Shirts
Sound Off 1,2,

***Go Warriors***

At the end of the day,
you either focus on
what seperates you
or what holds you together.

                   ^^^= all dAY i drEAM aBout SOCCER=^^^

                                                          EAT, SLEEP, SOCCER

keep talking about me
your making me

I told my mother,id be loving you till the end.
And if i had to start over id do it again <33.
And it doesnt matter what anybody has to say.
Becuz on you i can depend,you are my best friend.

What a beautiful smile

Can I stay for a while?

On this beautiful night

We’ll make everything right

My beautiful love <3

©Staring into space

What a
lovely face

I try to find my place

With you

LAZY Days&&FUN nights;;
BEACHY hair&& WATER fights.
HOTT guys&&SUN-TANNED skin
Schools o.u.t. and summers I.n.

But the sturggles make you stronger
&&the changes make you wise
&&happiness has its own was of taking it

                     ....sweet time
as we grow up
we dont lose friends
we just learn
who our real one are

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