Quotes added on Saturday, April 19 2008

I always knew looking back on
the tears would make me laugh,
but I never knew looking back
on the laughs would make me cry.

So theres this guy and i . . . . .. . . .. . .  sorta, kinda, LOVE him!<3
l e a v e t h i s t o w n a n d »
run forever©

&& i've said i love you a thousand times..

              hoping each time you've heard me.. [[<33]]


so what if i love him.. he loves me backk. [[<33]]

I love you, I need you, I hate you, THE END

I'm not perfect. I'll annoy you, tick you off, say stupid things and then take them back. But put that all aside and you will never find anyone like ME.

Something is scratching it's way out
Something you want to forget about
A part of you that'll never show
You're the only one that'll ever know

I had a good life before you.
Well, not good... but... it was okay.
Well... it was empty actually
but at least I was blissfully unaware
of how miserable I was.
Where as now... because of you
I am acutely aware of how
completely and totally unhappy I am.
Thank you for that.

 cause if you think you love me now
   wait until you meet me on the first day
  standing there looking glam with my girls
    staring right down at you on the floor
   cause you fell for these beauiful girlss  x3
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