Quotes added on Tuesday, April 22 2008

yeah, you've got it right. I'M NOT HERE!!! but that really doesn't matter since i never talk to half the people that are reading this. =]
-->Don’t drink and drive
you might
hit a bump and spill it.

Out with my bitchess.
♥[[cell it]]♥

[[cell it]].

take me to paradise.< - - ♥

Shawtayy let her
lick the lollyypop

take me to paradise.< - - ♥

i hate you,
you hate me,
we're a big hating family.
with a powerful punch,
and a kick from me to you,
i can say i hate you too!!!!

You told me you liked me but didn’t want to lose me as a friend—what’s the point of saying it if it only hurts me in the end?

Now you say you didn’t want to hurt me, and that you feel bad you did. I told you that I’d be okay, and you didn’t see the words I hid.

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