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i will be tinker bell and you can be my peter pan and we will live for ever in neverland. we wont have to worry about growing up
You know life is worth the struggle when
you look back on what you lost and realize
that what you have now is way better <3
What's your definition of it?
How does it make you feel?
Tell me what you say that truly makes it real
Kings and Queens, Philosophers have tried so hard to find
Tell me what it means to you dear, nevermind

Love is kind when the world is cold
Love stays strong when the fight gets old
Love's a shoulder to lean on
Love is you
Love's like the water when the well runs dry
Quench my thirst, keep me alive
Just need once too baby
Love is you
Love is you, love is you,
Love is you, love is you

Is it possible, there is a kiss that's so divine
Or am I just a fool, is it all in my mind?
Is there something chemical
A scientist might say
Well love must be a drug
To make me feel this way

Cause love's my permission to be who I am
No inhabiitions cause you understand
Freedom to breathe oh baby
Love is you
Love's like a kiss when the sun goes down
Holds me tight when no one's around
Love's what I want to hold on to
Love is you

Love is you, Love is you, Love is you,
Love is you, Love is you,
Love is you, Love is you,

Love is kind, it makes me stronger
I don't have to look no longer
You're the one I cling to
Love is you
When the chips are down
Love will stick around
I'm so glad I found
Love is you

As much as I've tried to clarify
Love's quite simple, he's just my guy
Perfect definition
Love is you
Love is you, love is you
Love is you... is you...

walking down the hall
with her head held high,
every hair is in place.
she sees a friend and waves.
wearing a
on her perfect face.
friendly, smart, beautiful.
everyone adores this gurl<3
seemingly content--
her head in a while.
and inside she's
and she doesnt know why
she lays in bad at night &
she doesnt know what causes the tears.
how could this princess--
have insecurities or fears?
she has it all.
a pretty smile, many friends,
a great guy, the newest trends..
her family has money and
she gets good grades.
has her own car and--
her make up never fades.
always looking happy
every single day.
but inside she's feeling a
different way.
this wonder girl.
she's everyones dream<3
but things arent
always what they seem.

When I say I love you,
I mean it,
I don't say it to everyone,
Only the ones who I actually love.

You were never my boyfriend,
but boy, I loved you more than anything.

Yeah, I miss you,
but not enough to want you back.

Peyton : your always saving me.

Lucas : Somebody's got to.


if i say i love you right now will you hold it against me?

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