Quotes added on Friday, April 25 2008

rest in peace
let them deceased
as they continue
to fall from your cheek

gravity having fun
as they trickle down
one by
following the path
ingraved within your
no longer will they stay hidden
and locked behind your gray eyes
they want to come out and play
rest in peace
let them deceased
quicker then an
shall i repeat it
striking the ground like
you scream as the thunder rolls in
such a beautiful
caught in the middle
unable to move
watching as every bit falls
forming puddles among
your feet
while splashing upon the floor
as though your wrists
were a thunderstorm
lay down your head
against your pillow
while your eyes
and your wrists cry
which one will you decide to drown in
on this perfect suicidal night
I can feel you all around me,
thinkining the a
ir im breathing,
holding onto what im feeling,
savoring this he
art thats healing,
take my hand i give it to you ,
now you ow
n me all i am,
you said y
ou would never lea
      ;;i believe you, i
believe <3

Flyleaf -  All around me


you have to let

the [wrong] people

walk out of your life,

to the let the [right] ones

walk in. <3

im sorry im bad,
im sorry your blue,
im sorry about all the things i said to you
and i know,
i cant take them back
i love how you kiss,
i love all your sounds
and baby the way you make my world
go round,  and i just wanted to say...

                im sorry <3

Buckcherry ; Sorry

*TAS <3 SFF 4eva*
Love is love ; no matter who its with.
As long as your happy, what does it matter?

Shun the nonbeliever

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