Quotes added on Sunday, April 27 2008

Live like your at the bottom
Even if your at the top

-Jonas Brothers
&&punt like the skys the limit
kick like you've never kicked before
cheer so loud when you score

soccer is life<333
My 17 Magazine Tells Me That

&& your just jealous

cause we act like retards  and people still love us
I love Cory Jordan<3333

And I Don't care what they Say
im in LOVE with you. THEY try to pull me away
but they don’t know
the truth
My heats crippled by the vein that I keep on Closing
You cut me Open and I Keep Bleeding..
I Keep Keep bleeding LOVE




Bleeding love

- Leona Lewis

Made by- Alicia

Aim- o0o ehmm gee dude or xx7xxaliciaxx7xx [add both]

my girls are forever boys are what ever when worse comes to worse my girls totally come first <3
on vacation....
be back in a few weeks
call/ text ( 555-555-5555)

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