Quotes added on Monday, April 28 2008

the [last] time i freaked out i just kept lookin down
                                                                                i st-st-(stuttered) when you asked me what im thinkin bout' felt like i could B-R-E-A-T-H you asked whats wrong with me?? my best friend [name] said oh shes just bein [name]
i was such a crappy girlfriend.
But i just wasn't ready.
Now i'm ready.
But you are gone.
Party like a Rockstar....

Under the street light dancing with herself she’s waiting for someone to help her love herself.  

I was given a tiny bite of the most delicious, most addictive cheesecake in the world, and then told to sit in a chair and not move from that spot while staring at the cheesecake. Every now and then I'm given a nibble, but the rest of the time I'm staring at something I'll never really have. That's what loving you is like.
PeoPle SaY i''vE chanGED LiKE TO saY i FouND mySElF!!! 
promises are only words unless they are fulfilled
you know your loved when people who care for you want to help you with all of your problems<3

*make it cute
Do you believe in love at first sight,
or should i walk by again?   <3
sometimes its harder to say no when you really mean yes,

its hard to close your eyes when you really want to see

but the hardest thing to do is to let go when you really want to stay
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