Quotes added on Tuesday, May 6 2008

And I know we said let go
But I kept on hanging on
Inside I know it's over
You're really gone

ok ok ok.....i talked to u for the first time yesterday on the internet.....ummm i live in pa and u live in michigan....we both believe soooo much that itll work out! ♥...........i feel like ive known u forever!.....i asked u to call me and u said ok.....when i didnt get a call i figured u forgot.....then i check my mysapce....and u left me a message sayin that ur sorry...u woke up late and the first thing u thought about was me and u wanted to tell me soo i wasnt mad at u and u just wanted to let me know that u love me......ILY2!!!!
Well im not parylized
but i seem to be struck
by you.
~Finger eleven
In 2009 the government will start killing all mentaly challenged people. I started crying when i thought of you. RUN LITTLE BUDDY!! RUN!!!!!!! 
And full of yourself
No need to explain
To anyone else
Broken in time
Taken what’s left
No need to deny
The cause or effect
~Finger Eleven
Love is when he lets you cry on his shoulders and you let him cry on yours, You Dont find love with your first guy well usually you don't but youve gotta git back in the game just keep lookin for the man for you
All you girls out there who are reading this take my advice when you catch a guy cheatin on you don't back out with him I made the mistake of that he'll say but i wasnt cheatin on you or but i love no one could replace you or im so srry babe please forgive me! Or if they were like mmy bf they just hit on you bout a month lata all men are pigs
My mind says dump him
But my heart says  you love him keep him

I know i love him

He said we would last forever
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