Quotes added on Wednesday, May 7 2008

The closest thing to flying
is f.i.g.u.r.e.s.k.a.t.i.n.g.
He said our song is the slamming screen door

Just leave me here to throw away the pain and forget about him
Im hot cause im fly
u aint cause you not♥♥

Dont fall for some one unless there willing to catch you♥♥

There comes a point in your life when you relize who matters, who never did, who wont anymore, and who always will. So dont worry about people from your past, theres a reason why they didnt make it to your future.
Tears are words that cant be spoken

How every girls profile
is about that one[guy]
he never knows that every
word is about [him]

People always turn out to be someone they promised they wouldnt </3

Heres to the.....
Guys that loved me
the losers that lost me
&& the lucky bastards
that got to meet me

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