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for love i'd do anything , for you i'd do more.  ‹3

change the colors if ya'd like :)

If you...

- cant sleep at night

- cant focus on school work

-read all the qoutes in girls profiles, and on profile sites and think, YUP thats me!

-after you talk to him you just wanna run back and re due the whole conversation, just because he is there

- during summer vacation you pray you see him the next day

and if all of these are caused by him

you may be one of the many girls in America that suffer from a very serious disease
called LOVE
My girls are the best...
Always there for me...
Always make me laugh...
Better, better than the rest! (:
He will do anything for me, and ill do anything for him...
You can cry on my shoulder if i can cry on yours


Should I smile :)
cuz ur my
should I cry ;'(
cuz that's all we'll
ever be?

_____<<3 by: Sabrine

Sometimes I wish  I was a little kid again....

skinned knees are
easier to fix than broken hearts! f

by:              sabrine <<3

Everyone says you only fall in love once
but thats not true,
Every time I
hear your voice,
I fall in love all over again.

by: ________________<<3 sabrine

  I  DONT care what they say im in LOVE with YOU.  They try to   P  U  L  L   me away but they dont know the truth.  My <3s crippled by the vein that i keep on closing,  you CUT me (open) and i keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding LOVE<3

WHO let the dogs out??... WHO WHO WHO WHO?
who let the dogs out??… WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO??!?!?!
please e-mail me back if u have the answer, my dogs have been missing all day!!

by: ____________<<3 sabrine
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