Quotes added on Sunday, May 11 2008

S u m m e r ' 0 8
Has Nearly Come;;
When It Does I'm Gonna Be Ready

Ice Cream       Waterfights
LateNights      Beach
Sleepovers     Sunshine
Best Friends  Holidays
Girls & Guys
The Perfect Time For: F U N...
So Hum Hallelujah
Just Off The Key Of Reason
I Thought I Loved You
It Was Just How You Looked In The Light
A Teenage Vow In A Parking Lot
"Till Tonight Do Us Part"
I'll Sing The  B l u e s  And Swallow Them Too...

-Hum Hallelujah, Fall Out Boy
So Long Live
The Car Crash Hearts
Cry On The Couch All The Poets Come To Life
Fix Me In '45

- Thriller, Fall Out Boy
They Say Quitters Never Win
But We Walk The Plank On A Sinking Ship
There's A World Outside Of My Front Door
That  Get's Off On Being Down...

-Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?, Fall Out Boy
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Quiet Fun THough!
     for this one night



without these blonde moments;
Life would be so Dull..

Girls are like phones.
We love to be held,
talked too but
if you press the wrong button
you'll be disconnected!

Were The
Bitches With

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