Quotes added on Tuesday, May 13 2008


Sittin' on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke....
everything's black and white

pickin' on a six string,
people pass by and you call  em' by their first name...
watching the clouds roll byy..... bye bye....

RASCALL FLATTS!!!!!!!<3333
that boy is cute (:

Good friends bail you out of jail,
Best Friends bail you out and say
"DAMN that was awesome"

dont cry because of it;              
smile because you know they’re just jealous


tonight will be the night that
i will fall for you ---->

                         over again.

I'll Love you more then Youll EVER know
But sometimes the more you love something, the more you worry youll hurt it

For the past two months,
I've cried myself to sleep every night.
Every night and day I think about the way
that you like her and not me and I have
no control over it. But today,
I finally got to talk to you and you were
a completely different person and after
talking for about 5 minutes i realized how much
she changed you.
And at the very moment i wanted to die.

Guess when you're young first impressions are
everything. Sometimes you miss who a person
really is.                         - - Boy Meets World

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