Quotes added on Sunday, May 25 2008

I Love you, why don't you see that?

Talk Dirty..

              Talk Nerdy to Me [=
                        I love school
                                 except for the learning bit...
                                   yaahhhh thats gotta go
Strangers stab you in the front; boyfriends stab you in the heart; friends stab you in the back; but best friends poke you with bendy straws!!!

I love you Kaylee [straw]

         you may say i'm a dreamer*;
                             but i'm not the only [(one)] <3
                           i hope someday you will join us;
                   +& the world will live as one.

immature is just a word people use
--->when they don't know how
.::. to have fun .::.
----->its our time noww
I need summer '08
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