Quotes added on Wednesday, May 28 2008

The only one who you can have a serious conversation
about  how  much  your  ex  resembles  a  pelican with.
The few girls I can honestly call my
*best friend for life no matter what the heck happens
burn + sizzle =
School in the morning.
be back at [3:45]. text me!

Im the kind of girl
that pokes herself
 in the eyeball....
                                   With a blanket.
He begs me to tell him who i like now when he's the one who ended it...

hmm i wonder why he
cares so much
him: have you ever played 20 questions?
me: yes
him: wanna play with me
him: okay if you could bring one thing to a desert island what would it be ?
me: umm water
me: why what would you bring
him: i would bring a boat so i could come back and see you
so much for

friends forever

Shut. Up.

and let me go.Ā 

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