Quotes added on Thursday, May 29 2008

i live in a world
where nobody cares
i was lonely
i was hurt
i was scared when u wernt there
and the tears  unshed
r threatening 2 break free
i need u--

chorus of a song my friends wrote

his hand in mine and every thing is OK
You Dont Know Me, And You Dont Even Care! Augustana-Boston

they say a man should always dress for the job he wants. so why am i dressed up like a pirate in this restaurant? its all because some hacker stole my identity now im in here every evening serving chowder and iced tea. should have gone to freecreditreport.com i could have seen this comin at me like an atom bomb. they monitor your credit and send you email alerts so you dont end up selling fish to tourists in t-shirts.

haha a lot of spare time(:
Seems like ever since the first day we met
There is no one else I think of more than you
Can't seem to forget, can't get you out of my head
Guess the verdict's in, I'm crazy over you
if youu knew i was all about youu;
everyy wish, everyy candle, everyy coin in the fountain..
TRUST ME it'd scare youu..<3
cuz im not here for your entertainment.
you don't really wanna mess with me tonight.

        i RUNwithSCISSORS
  it makes me feel dangerous
One day you will realize

what a big mistake

letting me go was
I love you but you'll never know

Because you never give me the time of day  </3
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