Quotes added on Saturday, May 31 2008

a e a SMiLea e a
because thats all hes looking for.

put those sunglasses on,
 grab your bikinis and a towel
and blast some music
so we can dance around like retards
and sing like we're on crack
because lifes a beach 
and we're all just tanning


I do have flaws.
You may not think im the PRETTIEST girl.
But i think im GORGEOUS.
Im not skinny...
But baby i think my body amazing.
       Dont like me?!
 It dont hurt me one bit!

LOVE (lu-v) n. 1.[Those who had it, but lost it, now long for it. They wish that they could feel this emotion; an emotion so strong that it takes control of you. They wish they had never lost it, and wish that it would come back again. 2.[Those who have it, better hold on. They should hold on to the rollercoaster that they are riding, because they just might fall off. They should hold on to this feeling, a feeling that is linked together with another person. This person brings out the best in them, they are their best friend. They know what you're thinking, even when nothing has been said.] 3.[Those who await its arrival, are very anxious. They have never known this feeling before. Not until their special person comes into their lives, and makes everything seem better and brigter.]

you can make it pretty. this is ALL ORIGINAL by moi. 

there is no use of trying to be popular ,if u try u r just gonna be less and less popular so, don't try to change ,
    just be yourself
(School's Out!!)
Boy. I dream about you every night. Of how you hold me in your arms and never let go. How you say I am the most beautiful thing in the world and you never want to loose me. And how you look me straight in the eye and say "I Love You" and I say it right back. You say I am the best thing thats ever happened to you and you want us to live a long and happy life together.

Too bad that dream will never become reality</3
no matter what ever happens ;
just remember that it all happens for a reason.

i want to be everything you've ever wanted.
why does every body do x3?
y three? why not--
or xxxxxxinfinity ?

i don't get it!

maybe because
nobody loves their boy
as much as i love mine!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxinfinity <3

p.s change the colors or fonts if u like! i am not saying i said this just put it in your profile to make it look u said it!!
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