Quotes added on Monday, June 2 2008

cry me a river!

    u i l d a  bridge &get over it!
Ships in harbor are safe
But that's not what ships are made for
-John Shedd
For all those girls who go after the guy you like .. stop!

let them come after you because in the end it will mean

alot more then you going after them.  <33
Ok, what the heck are you doing sitting at home looking at your computer reading my away message which you know is pointless and means nothing to you. Get off your butt and meet me up at the pool, talk to ya there.

found this online but i made it prettyish!♥

My daddy used to tell me that the first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever,and no matter how hard you try that feeling will never go away.
- The Notebook
I can never be sad when I'm thinking of you
B is for boys who break our hearts
F is for flipping them off
F is for finding a new boy to talk about
L is for life-long friends who are always there for you

                          what do i love most.?
when yew look meh in the eyes and tell meh that yew love meh;;
             && when yew gently wisper "i love yew" in my ear.

be who you are cause thats all there is to it
true love is when
see him with her
and you just look up and say
im happy for you
and pretend nothing is wrong
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