Quotes added on Wednesday, June 4 2008

All I've ever wanted was destiny
To Be Fulfilled 
It is in my hands..
I must not fail..
I   M U S T   N O T   F A I L !
♥This fire burns -- KillSwitch Engage♥

The Plaine White T's Make Me
Wish My Name Was Delilahx3
you say you still love me
even though i know its not true
you tell me you want to still be friends
but i know that it can never be that way
you say you still want to talk to me
but i cant handle that
cause knowing your not mine
breaks my heart inside
You think that football or lacrosse is a hard sport then how about you try to put a saddle a foot over ur head and try to ride a horse at a trot and not fall off id also like to see you not complain when your stepped upon by a 1500 lb animal and how about you and try to cooperate with two hearts urs and ur horses.
id like to see you try and ride a  horse♥♥

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
i forgave you for cheating
i forgave you for
i forgave you for everything

but how come in the end
i was still the bad guy?

hold your head up high
& never give up on your dreams
&& when she fogets all about you
dont you dare come back to me
cause your the one that forgot
about me
baby i love you?

i remember when that was said

to me
to bad your just the next girl on his list

next list:

and theres always another after you
he just wont tell you he'll just cheat
on you too.
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