Quotes added on Saturday, June 7 2008

Its like I waited my whole life
For this one night
Its gon be me you and the dance floor
Cuz we only got one night
Double your pleasure
Double your fun
and dance forever

pain is only weakness leaving  the body.
you said that you loved me
I pushed you away
you said you were moving
I said whatever ok
your mom called me on the phone last week
and told me you were gone...
forever..... :'(
I cried for three days straight...
Is this what love is?

                   be who yew are
because yew dont want somewun to fall inlove with who yewr not.

&& I dont want to be just "the friend"
but if telling you how I really feel will change our friendship
then I would rather be just your friend ...
than to tell you "I love you" and lose you entirely   </3
Its the kinda crush
where I just finished
putting up my
away message
and about to walk out the door
when he signs on
and suddenly whatever I was gonna do
doesnt matter anymore <333

He doest know
the key to my heart
another thing he doesnt know is
he already has it 
but he could just knock
and I'd let him in. <33
The only guy that deserves you
is the one that thinks he
D O E S N ' T <333
Its amazing how
you can be Best Friends
with someone for so long
then suddenly realize
that you were in love with them
the  e n t i r e  time

I am an amazing liar
if you think I want to be
"Just Friends" <3
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