Quotes added on Friday, June 13 2008

heyy baby itss (your name here)
kickin it with them boyss right now...
leave the love<3
well..... your mom.
[[oohh burnn]]
Me and my friends are tighter than your jeans!
ya jealous?!
                 Scrubs = love ♥
Sometimes the questions
are complicated
and the answers
are simple.

I meant what I said 
&& I said what I meant

I like nonsense,
it wakes up the brain cells.
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient
in living, It's a way of looking at
life through the wrong end of a
. Which is what I do,
And that enables you
to laugh at life's realities.
- Dr.Seuss
You have
brains in your head.
You have
feet in your shoes.
You can
steer yourself in any,
Direction you choose
Now if she does it like this,
will you do it like that?
Now if she touches like this,
will you touch her right back?
Now if she moves like this,
will you move it like that?

shake        shake
       shake         shake
Girls are awsome; guys are late; we're not the class of 2008; when 2009 is done and gone 2010 will party one; 2011 thinks they're in front; psh 2012 will kick they're butt!
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