Quotes added on Saturday, June 14 2008

Be on sometimes tomorrow
god is the dj life is a dance floor love is the rhythm YOU are the music
When you love someone,
And they break your heart,
dont give up on love,
Have faith,


-jonas brothers, hold on

theres a little truth behind every jk
theres a little curiosity behind every jw
theres a little knowledge behind every idk
and theres a little emotion behind every idc

&+ I can't just sit here watching the man I love

         love someone else

   Black bird singing at the dead of night
Take these broken wings
and learn to fly
                          {All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to

That's just the way
 we roll


--thats just the way we roll jonas brothers

Our Song

is a slammin screen door;;
sneakin out late tappin on your window...
when we're on the phone and you talk r e a l s l o w


When it comes to Friends,

its not who you spend the most time with;;
its who you share the best memories with


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