Quotes added on Sunday, June 15 2008

Happy Birthday 
      T o  M e
Friend- when you showed that pix of a ghost in your house a friend would say it's ok it's just your imagination...
A best friend - comes running to your house dressed as a ghost buster ready to chase that ghost away!
Everytime she laughs, she hopes he is watching, 
not so he will see she is happy, but so that maybe
just maybe, he will fall for her smile  just like she                
                         fell for his.

(looks better with black backround. you can change
the black font to white then )

A STALKER is someone who looks at your away messages to see what your doing.
and maybe you'll be the one that saves me .

Check yes juliet
are you with me
rain is falling down on the sidewalk
i won't go until you come outside
check yes juliet
kill the limbo
i'll keep tossing rocks at your window
cause there's no turning back for us 

H a p p y . F a t h e r s . D a y

And I almost had you

But I guess that doesn't
cut it

had you

and I didn't even
know it

School is almost over..
the drama is over...until
next year when there will be
double the drama
double the boys and...
double the fun!

But now it's over, it's over, why is it over?

We had the chance to
make it

Now it's
over, it's over, it can't be over

I wish that I could
take it back

But it's

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