Quotes added on Monday, June 16 2008

even the little things reminded me of you. and being in your arms makes me feel like nothing else in the whole world existed
  i love you, Matt.

*put the name of your lover!

I know all of this won't make any sense at all. I love you very deeply, but

I think it's time we've moved on. I know you'll think I don't love you because

I don't want to be with you, but I do want to be with you, just not right now

at all. You're everything I've ever wanted, you are my perfect guy. Your timings

just a little off because I am not ready to handle a guy like you. I am young and

stupid and make lots of mistakes. You don't deserve to be with a person like me,

who doesn't know what they want right now but wants to go explore. Your love is

just too much for me. I cannot handle it right now, but maybe down the road I could.

I get that you might not be there or want me back when I am ready. I will be okay

with that as long as today you can understand why I can't have you.

it's not giving up.....


         m o v i n g   o n
love is patient
    love is kind
but love means slowly losing your mind


~27 dresses

go crazy. i didnt feel like making it all colorful.
theres a point in friendship when you
 stop being friends and become sisters

its those times when you had to be there
its those times when you laugh so hard you cry
its those times that you laugh over somethnig that happened
a week ago.

&& thats why we're friends

Let the flames begin...

If you asked me if i loved him I'd lie;;
      If you took him away from me...
                                      I'd Die. <3
Lacrosse is greater than > or equal to =  Life.

[It's the latest trend;; and everyone's in style.]
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