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ill let you decide ā™„

People are like wow those always together  dam  right cause best friends  sisters forever  
  You deserve the right kind of love,  
the kind of love that makes YOU happy,
the fantastic love that's in books && movies
Even if you aren't together forever,  
you`ll want to look back and never regret
f a l l i n g  i n  l o v e  w i t h  h i m.
That's the kind of love we all deserve.

I've seen enough now
to know that beautiful things
don't always stay that way.
It's like a thousand paper cuts soaked in vinegar.
That's the way it feels when I see him touching her.
It's like falling face first into a bed of
broken glass.
& she loves
regardless of everything that has stained her life.
She  l o v e s  with everything she has  l e f t,
& that's beautiful.
Be Nice To Everyone You Meet;
they`re facing battles you have no idea about.
t  o u g h   t i m e s   d o n ` t   a l w a y s   l a s t,
but tough people do.
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