Quotes added on Saturday, June 28 2008

                                                         Im letting you go
                                       im done, i can't do this
                                          to myself anymore
                          the fake smiles and pretend laughs
                                             do nothing for me 
                                   i have no C h a n c e anyway 
                                     so im not trying anymore
                                     i need someone who won't
                                    get me mad or make me cry
         or dosent care if i say i don't want to talk to him
        anymore,so im moving on and letting go s l o w ly
                         becuase i can't put myself out there
                            ill get my heart broken again
             && im afraid i wont be able to fix it this time

this is alll meee for the rest o the edits GET AT ME  gogreenlovepeace

E..:: we'd do anything for each other::..E
E..:: HAHA..wait what?::..E
E..:: we love each other more than any other people::..E
E..:: hoes before bros <3::..E
you thought you were cool.©
WHy yoU Be TRiPPen?
don't you just love;;
E!..:: when he tells you he's your life? ::..E!
E!..:: when he says he'd give the world for you? ..::E!
E!..:: when he says your the most  beautiful thing he's ever seen? ::..E!
E!..:: when he says your the only one there could ever be for him? ::..E!
E!..:: when he says bye<3 ilysm<3 on A.I.M?. ::..E!
E!..:: the crazy feeling you get around him ::..E!
E!..:: the way you love each other more than anything ::..E!
who doesn't?

instead of just laughing at someone how they can't do something,

HoW AbOut YoU GiVe iT a TrY. . .


you can hate it,or love it,but you gotta live it.
bestfriends. . .
are the ones that are really [[there]] for you,
who cherish every moment they spare with you,
while they call me to say i miss you,
&& most of all they just care about every little thing about you<3  
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