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They Say Guns Don’t Kill People,

People Kill People.

But personally, I think the guns help.

I mean, if you stood in the middle of the

sidewalk And yelled, “BANG!”
I dont think you would kill too many people....

Make PeaceA
    Not War

& sit with me,
under the stars.
lets count them together.
we could sit here forever.
we'll stare at the moon,
so high above us,
i'll love you forever
n o  m a t t e r  w h a t

baby i love you...

what dont you understand?
7th Gr.
                        Class of

We`re Fresh  We`re Fine  and its time to SHINE !

Guys~ Girls are like phones we like to be held, talked to, and if u hit the wrong buttonn you get disconnected.


im there nowww ! =]]
texxtt daa cel

cell is perfectt !

Around the House
E|  E| E| E| E| E|  E|  E|  E|   E|  E|  E|

txts ! !
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