Quotes added on Saturday, July 5 2008

"It's just something that happens as
you grow up. You realize its less
important to have more friends and
its more important to have real ones"
         - LAGUNA BEACH <3
"In a few years, I'll be off to college. High school will finally be over. I won't get to see him everyday like I used to. My best friends and I will go our separate ways. We'll be lucky if two of us stay in touch. Nothing will be the same, instead everything will be new. I won't have a house to come home to everyday. Just alone, in a dorm far away from home. The people I've loved for the longest of times will be another memory added to my photo album." </3
im waiting for that day
when i wake up
and everything is okay
when me and you
are back together

but i know that day will never come </3
erik only if you knew how much i loved you..

im waiting for my world to be compleat again
but thats not going to happen as long as i dont have you
                                       my prince charming 
                                     Google Search    I'm Feeling Lucky
Did You Mean? _______
[ insert your bf's name there.]
did i have a sign on me saying: USE ME PLEASE !

no i didnt think so
so why did you?
you know i dont think i could ever be mad at you
cause i really think you were the one

but its just to bad you were out having fun
and had to go and cheat on me

Hey Mister DJ
can u turn it up louder??

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy ! )

being with you meaks me feel like i
don't have to try so hard to be happy
for once it just happens.
baby she'll never be the one for you
cause i am what dont you get?

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