Quotes added on Saturday, July 5 2008

i guess that i'm [ wrong ] for
falling in love...but you're still
the one that i'm
dreaming of
i guess that [(
i t ' s y o u )] i
want to
hold onto, but you're
h o l d i n g o n t o ]
someone else

* my credit

take a risk ;
be willing to fall. if it's
what you w a n t, it`s
[[ w o r t h i t a l l ]]

* my credit

What about today? What if you're making me all that
was meant to be? What i our love never went away?
What  if  it's 
lost   behind words we could never find?
Baby before it's  too late what  about  now? xo aaaa

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy ! )

that will burst out laughing in dead *
[silence] because of something that
h a p p e n e d y e s t e r d a y.

* my credit
when you love someone, 
and they break your heart,
don't give up on love,
Have faith,restart <3

* my credit
on somebody you can't go a
day without [( thinking )] about


oh can you see it baby,
you don't have to close
your eyes cause ,


* my credit

It takes people years to realize to just
Im telling you now, so learn something.

* my credit

Lets start with the fact
that he is [ completely ] amazing
I'd tell you more but then
you might [ fall ] in love with him too<3

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy ! )

boy i didn't fall for you,
tripped me

* my credit
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