Quotes added on Saturday, July 5 2008

everything changes.
nothing stays the same. but as we grow up,
one thing will [
remain]. together forever until
the end, 'cause no one replaces my true BFF

* my credit
you thought you were cool.

* my credit

sometimes me think; what is friend
&+ then me say; a friend is
someone to share last cookie with
-cookie monster

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy ! )
life is s o m u c h e a s i e r if you don't
Linger On The Past
and try to smile [ through everything ]

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy )

be kind to everyone. you may not
be able to save a person, but at
least you weren't 1 of the people
who didn't try

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy ! )

&& how high can you fly with broken wings?
life's a journey not a destination&&
         i just can't tell what 

tomorrow brings

* my credit ( for coloring only )

Sometimes you just have to think ahead. 
You know, where you just have to forget about
the past
&& move on. Everyone changes.
  Some for the good and some for the bad. 
Just |[ always remember ]| what you once had,
+ and what you didn` . .

* my credit

life isn't the party yOu wanted©
but while we're here we might as well  d a n c e

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy ! )
[[best friends]]aretheones
          .who stay up all night laughing over nothing .
                      [[ f.r.i.e.n.d.s.i.n.i.t.i.a.l.s.h.e.r.e.]]

<3                              <3                            <3                            <3

* my creditt
all i need
is someone who cares ;;
someone who will hold me ;;
someone who understands

who i really am

* my credit
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