Quotes added on Saturday, July 5 2008

there will [[a l w a y s]] be that
special place in my heart open
only to you<33

* my credit

true friendship
is sitting together in silence and feeling like
it was the best conversation you've ever had.

* my credit

              youu dont know what youu do to me 

* my credit ( for coloring only )

you`re my E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G ;
everywhere ; every reason ; everything.

* my credit
goodbye is the hardest thing to say
to someone who means the world
to you, especially when
isn't what  you  want .</3 

* my credit

               it's better to
           [ l o v e
] someone
       you could
never be with
     than to be with someone you

could never love

* my credit ( for coloring onlyy )

& i love you
i've loved you all along, I miss
you,been far away for far too
long, keep
dreaming you'll be
me & you'll never go xo

* my credit

SaY [eVeRYTHiNG] IS + FiNe,
don`t let me waste my time.
Your eyes will always shine,

forever lost in mine...*
You're Only Young Once;
so be bad
      break the rules
get caught
      & make life worth living

**my credit**
   & Just When You Thought
           You were the center of
             [[ I showed up ]]

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