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I'll just keep on practising GOODBYE to you...
you're never fully dressed without a smile :)

There’s no point of sacrificing your happiness when it does not conform to what your heart dictates. As everyone is created uniquely, everyone does get a right to choose where and how to be happy. If it ensures lifetime happiness, then go for it. You wouldn’t want a miserable life faking the world with smiles.
Never say Never;
It might just happen.


A perfect partner in life is someone you can be with and talk to about anything without realizing the day is over…
Someone who will always listen and feel twice the joy or pain you’re going through.

When you start to feel thatCONNECTION,’ never let it go because there’s more to COMPANIONSHIP than to LOVE only.

And in the end, when all else fails, and are consumed, you will always hold on to those times
when you DON’T EVEN NEED to hear the words ‘I love you’

to feel happy and contented.:)
I took one big step and I looked away;
And then I thought of all the things that I wanted to say;
I'm always too late .
You never got your story straight;
I'm always up late .
I think I'm everything you hate .

"Broken Man"
Boys Like Girls

"Marrying you is like a leap of faith. Well, not even a leap of faith. More like...uh... putting on a blindfold, and trying to jump over the Grand Canyon on a tricycle. You see how that would be hard?"

~Benny; George Lopez~
"Well it's no secret that the best thing about secrets is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby adding another secret to your secret collection of secrets, secretly."

~Spongebob; Spongebob Squarepants.~


I wasnt Kidding. I'm seriously ceral.
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