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he isn't my boyfriend.
but i love his hugs, his advice, his kindness, and the times when we laugh together... i guess i just fell in love with our friendship.
 those three words;
couldn't even explain
ow i feel about you*<3

even the [ t r u t h ]
is a [ l i e ]

_**___**_________*** *
_**___**_______**___ ****
_**__**_______*___** ___**
__**__*______*__**__ ***__**
___**__*____*__**___ __**__*
____**_**__**_**____ ____**

Boy: I like this girl...

Girl: Why don`t you talk to her?

Boy: I am

Some Joe Jonas Quotes

"What's up, I'm DJ Danger. Some people might think it's dangerous to have an unbrella inside, but i am dangerous!"
           -Joe Jonas

"Dude, I'm always like I feel so supercalifragilicexpialidocious today. And everybody's like, wow!                                                                                  
-Joe Jonas

"No, I don't have a third arm. Silly fans."     -Joe Jonas

He loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...he loves me not......

Dang! I need another flower!

Cry, Cry till the sun shines baby

Cry,Cry till the sun shines

It`s gonna be alright, its gonna be all right, baby

-Martina McBride
-Cry Cry (till the sun shines) 
God made us bestfriend's because he knew our mom's couldn't handle us being  sister's!!!!

not my credit...l really liked it so i wanted to change  up the colors a bit

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