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Google    me baby <3

your all i need to get by
_&+'yall just hatinq cause im
F A M O U S _ *
ouch charlie !!
that really hurt !
charlie bit me =)
&+ that really hurt !

[s.w.e.e.t words are easy to say.]
   [s.w.e.e.t things are easy to buy.]
YYY   [but s.w.e.e.t people are difficult to find.]

{L.i.f.e} stops when you stop dreaming. [YYY]
{H.o.p.e} ends when you stop believing. [YYY]
{L.o.v.e} ends when you stop caring. [YYY]
{F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p} ends when you stop sharing. [YYY]

[mine.dont take credit]

Loved. a
Made up. a
Screwed up. a
Thought. a
Missed. a
Gave up. r
have you ever gotten the feeling that ur boyfriend likes another girl?
if u have i no how you feel!  cuz i thought the same thing! but i was wrong!
now how would i no this? because i knew i was the only girl for him!
and ya...all the things he told me all the things in his profile on AIM could have been a lie, but i no that deep down he does feel that way about me and always will! and my friends have also told me that they like my boyfriend and im like ok...w/e! but the hard part is when my friends flirt with my boyfriend right in front of me! and i want to go up to them and say "could u just like BACK OFF!" but i dont want to be mean about it like they cant talk to him! and if we do go far in this relationship then eventually i will have to tell them to stop flirting with him...as hard as that might sound! anyway, w/e...cuz im only in 6th grade and i have plenty of time for boyfriends! but the sad part is in 6th grade its not about who stole your pencil anymore, its about who stole your boyfriend! ridiculous...i no!

                                what good
                                 is there in goodbye?

                                what is fair
                                 in farewell?

you can make it pretty. this qoute can be about either breaking up or the loss of someone or something very close to you.
Sexy Can I?
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