Quotes added on Monday, July 21 2008

Love is not a maybe thing,
you know when you're in love<3
            -The Hills
no matter how

---->hard i [ t r y ]

to tell myself don't 

look back, it seems*^

[&+] thats all i can do lately.
i had the time of my life 

----->with that [b o y]*^

[&+] now he's 

gone for good.
i f y o u c a n ' t
get someone out of your head
mabye they are suppose to be there

boy i didn't fall for you,
tripped me

*not all mine
I wasn't kicking him, I was riverdancing and he got in my way
owns my soul
kiss her in the pouring rain<3
i hate myself for wanting you
Doesn't follow me
It rides on my back

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