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there til the end*
iTS NoT aBouT THe oNe WHo iS TRue To YouR FaCe,
 - -x- -»» iTS aBouT THe oNe WHo ReMaiNS TRue   «3

You break his heart .. </3

             I'll break your FACE  =]
just  S   M   i   E , because you never know who is watching <3[:
She fakes her smiling

And laughs when she doesn't want to
And he still has no idea
That she's falling apart
without him

                               i'v made mistakes in my life.
                                                       I'v let people take advantage of me,
                                                 and i'v accepted way less than i deserve.

                            But, i'v learned from my bad choices
            and even though there are some things i can never
                get back and people who will never be sorry,
                               I'll know better next time and
                 i wont settle for anything less than i deserve

to move on because its obvious
im not
good enough for - - -» him «- - 
ait started as a crush. .

& ended up meaning everything in my life

^^Credit to someone else :] but stil rate rate rate :]
*just be yourself*<<<----and everything will be okay
                                   i sat there
laying in my bed with tears streaming down my face. i heard someone come up the stairs and pulled the covers over my head to shield me from my breakings. all i could think of was that i didnt  belong here, and when i turned 18 i was gone. you pushed open the door without saying a word and walked over to me, he sat there pushing the tears away with his thumb, while holding me in his lap and saying everything was going to be all right. i didnt believe me. he sat there for 30 min. waiting for me to explain what was wrong and when i told him he said "your safe with me im not going to leave you. ever." i would always believe him from that moment on.
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