Quotes added on Wednesday, July 23 2008

he never

really loved me

it was just a 


       and so she 
        puts on her long purple dress;
       goes outside & spins till she hits the
    ground. her hair flowing in the wind she
  makes no sound then she startes to sings <3
 her heart out because she dosent care whos
         watching and what they think;

my credit! <3 (:

                             roses are red;
         violets are blue;
                  ive been counting the day
                            since i    f
                                         for you <3

 dont laugh at me; dont call me names;
   dont take your pleasure from my pain;
    cause in gods eyes we're all the same!
  some day we'll all have perfect wings...
               DONT LAUGH AT ME.

- mark wills.

&&She's At The Point;
where she can't pretend to be okay
She can't fake a smile
She can't [laugh] when
it's clear that she's
*completely b.r.o.k.e.n
She just lets the tears
Pour Down Her Face*

              all i need is just
one chance, one kiss, one night to show you what you
mean to me. one chance to spend the day with you &&
show you how we're so alike, one  k i s s  to prove we're
more than just friends, && one night for you to hold me
tight, hear my heartbeat, and listen to me  b r e a t h e
Hold on tight;
to your amazing love
and your [embracing]


Cartel-A minstrel's prayer.
listen to it when you can!
I miss you
I miss your smile
and i still shed a tear every once in a while
and even though its different now
your still here somehow
i need you to know
I miss you<l3

i miss you more than anything<3
Girl: So, tomarrow before we leave, I'm gonna hug you.
Boy: Ok, But I might not let go.

Actual convo between me and my bf...my credit.
as   life   goes   on   im   starting  to  learn
more and more
about responsibility.     i
everything i do
is affecting the
people around me.
so i want to take this
time out and apologize for things i have
and things that have not occurred
yet.        and
the things they dont want to

take responsibility for.                     -
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