Quotes added on Thursday, July 24 2008

            [[ forever_&*_alwayz ]]
                      you will be in my heart,
                               even as time passes.
                     i know you will always be considered
                  my 1stt* true lovee, and be the one 
  &* you were the 1stt one i meant when i said,
                            *[[ forever_&*_alwayz ]]*

mMaAhHbBeEsStTfFrRaAnNsS !*
                               together we......
             party, dance, stay up late, flirt,
                    text, take pictures,
                             be goofy, talk, hang out,
                                              &* so much moreee(:
do you believe in magic?
in a young girl's heart.
-aly & aj
everything must change in life, like a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. everyone will have their time to come, sooner or later. life and the people it consists of will change. hopefully the world will just get better.
the only reason why i am looking at you two,
is to see your face just one more time.
before i try and give up.
i just love you so much i cant move on.
she is lucky to be with you,
because you are the best thing in the world.
my world, the only thing that keeps be breathing.
when i said iloveeyouubabeeeyforever&*alwayz,
i ment every single word 100%.
i will always love you

&* i just have this feeling in the back of my mind when i hear your name. when you smile at me, my heart melts. as you walk pass me, i dream of holding your hand. in my dreams, you and me are together forever. my whole body goes in shock when you touch my arms. no matter whats going on the world you are on my mind. i just cant stop thinking about you<3
Life is like a treadmill.                                                                                                                        (_.·´¯`·×»     / No matter how fast you go, or hard you try, sometimes you'll just never get anywhere../

Love at f.i.r.s.t sight, or should I just walk away?

i don't need
the stars or the moon i just need
some to
lay under them with <3
This is Real
This is Me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now
Gonna let the Light
Shine on Me<3

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