Quotes added on Monday, July 28 2008

&& if one day i do start to matter
please DNT let me kno...
that wuld jus b defeating the purspose of
trying to get over you... <33
Secret 24:

These stupid quotes are about you and it kills me that you can't figure that out.
Oh, baby, you know I'm gonna love you for
LONGER  THAN Eternityy..
it's summerr Oh Freaking Eightt baby!

&nd you've been all wrong
About who you think I am
You've never given me a chance
You don't know how it feels
To be outside the crowd
&nd you don't know what it's like
To be left out
&nd you don't know how it feels
To be your own best friend
On The Outside Looking In..

--change colors if you want(:
I'm letting saddness run through me
a paniced rush of lost love

I will always belong to you
No matter how far away you might be
I'll be
with you in every way
I'm sorry I can't be happy;;
'every way' includes
h a p p i n e s s . . .

Secret 23:

My Chemical Romance has helped me more than any of my friends or family will ever be able to.
Secret 22:

I don't believe in religion, but I do believe in faith.
Secret 21:

I used to love you

but now, even thinking of you

sickens me

and I wonder what I ever saw in you.
Secret 20:

I don't care about what they say.

I am a GOOD person.
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