Quotes added on Thursday, July 31 2008

when your older.
you are going to look back on life.
wonder how fast it passed before your eyes.
miss the good times you had.
and regret other times.
but most of all,
you'll wish to live it over again.
         i'm burning up
                      for you baby <3

hold on, baby your loosing it..
the waters high;
your jumping into it &nd
letting go
and no one knows
that you cry but you don't tell anyone
that you might not be the golden one
&nd your tied together with a smile
but your coming undone..

What hurts the most ;

was that you said you loved
me, but actually you were just
saying that to mee to make me
feel loved, and that i saw you
with her and didnt do anything -
that i watched you walk by every
morning and didnt even say hello , and
that i said all thosee truthful questions
and you took it as a jokee, i did
lovee you and i always will, but i
dont think you think the same way  ;
thats what hurts the most

baby, i would drop everything.
just to be with you.

you make me feel  beautiful
Under The Silver Moon..
We'll forget our worries and run away tofether, forever..
     Why did it have to end so suddenly 
and leave me all alone, broken-heartedly.

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