Quotes added on Sunday, August 3 2008

In Our Hearts
by Patricia Murray

auntie--to you, my love

In our hearts you will be,
singing that sweet melody.

In our hearts you will stay,
Helping us in every way.

In our hearts we will save,
All the memories that you gave.

Memories of yesterday,
When your laughter filled the air,
And your touch that showed
you cared.

Forever it will be,
The memories of you we see.

For you will be,
In our hearts for eternity
heyy, im bored,  =/
Summer '08
Live it up; Drink it down.
party hard. worry less.
let loose & don't regret<3.

ily... what more could you ask for?

Do you know*
how it feels to
see [your face] when
I close my eyes
Bet you know,
How it feels to be
the only one

That Matters Now

I think about you everday

by:A rocket to the moon
you know your a 90's KID when...

you ended a sentence with "SIKE"
you remember reading the Goosebumps books
you danced to the Sp
ice Girls
you knew that the pink and red power rangers were meant to be together
you played with marbles at recess
you knew that "How Rude!" comes from Stephanie on
Full House
"Talk to the Hand!" ...enough said....
you thought Bill Nye was the coolest man alive
you always said, "Well why dont you marry it?"
boys had cooties
you can sing the rap to
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
you took your favorite tin cartoon lunchbox to school
you get the urge to say "NOT!" after every sentence
you got injured on a slip n slide
you had at least one
new beanie babies were always sold out
you got in trouble for wearing a slap bracelet
yupp. i was a 90's kid

*partial credittt. i redid some stuff

  he saved me, in every way that
  a person can be
. –titanic


change the colors if you want my credit plzzz <3

look pretty
play dirty

We were brave
we were crazy
we were mostly

     young <3

my credit plzz change the colors if you please

You jump 
I  jump . . . Remember?

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