Quotes added on Tuesday, August 5 2008

and everythings okay because i'll be the one laughing in the end, when you open your eyes and realized you've been played.

-look im not good with this, but i just like this for some reason, so idc if you use it i just wanted to add.
Shyt happens, people change, lyfe goes on</3
finally i got a screen name for you all request are open for now.

sometimes you getto the point.
{(where all you can say)}
so thanks for making me a
i waste my time loving people but only
forget everything you think you
know about me

&& all she wanted was someone to care for her.
someone to tell her she had a reason not to kill her self and she thought you were it . she trust you with her life she thought you were the one she could spend the rest of her life wit but that all change when she had seen you with another gurl. its your fault we are all standing her on this very pitty sad day. ITS YOUR FAULT SHE KILLED HERSELF BECAUSE YOU DIDNT TELL HOW YOU FELT BOUT HER .

when i'm with you,
i belong.
Live for the moments that you cant put into words.
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