Quotes added on Friday, August 8 2008

I look in the mirror to see this girl looking back;
I ask my self who she is, and i get reminded its just me
then i ask what happend i used to be sweet and innocent,
and well now im just a girl who gets her way and power through other people
There is an "I" in BITCH
and a "U" in SLUT
so i think we all know which ones you!
but id rather have flaws and have people accept me for myself
than have no visible ones and only *special* in one persons eyes.

[Hold your breath]
Because tonight will be the night that I fall for you
All over again <3

Girl: I Wanna Rock ur World
Boy: i won't even rock your world , i'll even rock your body

My liife's sOmethiing Speciial ,
Every Up & Every dOwn ;
It's A part Of me .. That NoOne Can Take Away .
&& Eventhough .. Not Every Thiing Is Worth Livin' fOr ..
ii've Learned tO Liive wiith iit .
Hurt is nOt staying fOrever
One Day .. I'm gonna Look BaCk ..
&& I'm Going To Be Happy
Happy For Everthing That i've been trough
Happy fOr the Thiings That Made Me the Way i am
.. I've Realised ..
Every Thing Happens for a ReasOn ..
But It's Up tO Myself .. to get strOng out Of iit

Ever Since ii Was A Baby Giirl
I Had A Dream ..
// C ii n d e r e ll A *  Theme
Crazy As it Seems

My Life Is M u S ii C
M u S ii C is Life

& She Asked Me : Are u Realy Happy?
I answered : No

Giirl:: Hey
bOy:: Hii
Giirl:: Why Are yOu Acting sO different lately??
bOy:: ii dOn't knOw. Why Are yOu?
Giirl:: i'm nOt actiing different. yOu're the One whO stOpped Calling Me
bOy:: yOu Fell iin lOve wiith sOmebOdy
Giirl:: but We are just friends.. yOu and me
bOy:: There were mOre Between Us
Giirl:: There Used tO Be mOre. Till yOu brOke My Heart
bOy:: ii didn't Mean To
Giirl:: But yOu diid. dO yOu lOve Me?
Boy:: ii dOn't knOw
Giirl:: ii thOught thiis was just friiendshiip
bOy:: Well.. tO me it wasn't. I stil love yOu
Giirl:: I'm yOur Friiend
bOy:: (thinking:: yOu are mOre) Turns Around And Walks Away
Giirl:: ( Wiith tears iin her eyes:: i can't lOve yOu. bUt ii dO)

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